Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family Tradition

Birthday Girl (Cute Cake!)
Connor & Rae Rae
The Food (No Dieting Today!)
Kids Fishing
Uncle Ramsey

A couple of weeks ago we had a little family get together. We went to my cousin Beverly's house. She has a pond behind her house and some of the kids went fishing. She has a large screened in porch we cooked out and had the best time. They also singing it was so fun. It was my grandpa's side of the family. He passed away two years ago. We have realized how precious our time is together so we have tried to plan more family get togethers. It was Aunt Linda's birthday so Lori made her a cake. It was cutest thing I have every seen. Lori is Morgan Mingle's mom. She is our cousin she is doing good. She is taking her treatments right now. She is the most spirited child I have ever seen. Tears filled my eyes watching her that night. She is so sweet. I know God will take care of her and everything will be ok. I thought I would share some pictures from our night. We had so much fun and I enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone.

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